How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks With WP Mail SMTP

Do you want to see more information like open rates and links clicks of your wordpress emails?

But, don’t know how to do this?

Then, you are in the right place.

Here, in this article, I will walk you through the exact process of tracking email open rates and link clicks of an email with the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

WP Mail SMTP is the #1 SMTP plugin for wordpress websites and over 2 million websites are using this plugin to send emails.

Once you set up this plugin on your wordpress website, you can effectively track email open rates and link clicks and also you no longer need to ask your customers that you received my email or not.

And also it helps us to understand who is most active on our email list and what type of email content is liked by the audience.

It offers lots of game-changing features.

Let’s see the importance of email tracking and later that we can see the setup of WP Mail SMTP.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks With WP Mail SMTP

Let’s see why should you start tracking your wordpress emails.

Tracking of wordpress emails will be helpful in cases like,

  • If you are a woocommerce owner and want to know the status of the email i.e customer received mail or not.
  • To see the email you sent is opened by your customer or not.
  • To see the customer has clicked on your link or not.
  • With the help of detailed email tracking reports, you can build prospects with the right perspective.
  • It saves our time and efforts
  • To send impactful follow-ups emails
  • We can schedule emails as per the preferred time of the audience

Based on these reports, you can target your customers(who didn’t open an email or hasn’t clicked any links) by adjusting email sending time, subject line, in this way, you can increase your conversion rate.

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How to track email open rates and link clicks?

So far we have seen the importance of open rates and link clicks of an email.

Now, let’s set up the WP Mail SMTP on your WordPress website to start tracking the emails sent from your website.

Step 1: Install WP Mail SMTP on your wordpress website

To track links clicks and email open rates, you need to purchase a premium version of WP Mail SMTP, and the pricing is starting from 49$/year.

These features are available from the starting plan of the premium version itself and aren’t available in the free version of WP Mail SMTP.

So, get the plugin first on their official website.

Once you have purchased the plugins, download the plugin from their website and upload it to the wordpress website by going to the WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Upload & Activate the plugin.

WP Mail SMTP Download Page

Step 2: Enable email logging in WP Mail SMTP plugin

To enable email logs, go to WordPress Dashboard → WP Mail SMTP → Settings → Email Log

wp mail smtp Enable Log

On the same tab, enable Open Email Tracking and Click Link Tracking.

wp mail smtp Open Click Tracking

With that, you can track,

  • Email status
  • Link clicks on an email
  • Email Open Rates
  • And some technical information

Enable it and save the settings.

Step 3: View email log reports

Once, you enabled email logging, open email tracking and click link tracking.

Then, your job is done😌

After that, this plugin starts to track every email sent from your website automatically.

Now, it’s time to view email log reports.

You can view detailed reports of all your emails in the email logs section of WP Mail SMTP.

Here, you can see open rates and links clicks of an email.

Email Log Overview

Click on any subject line of the email to view the detailed report of the individual email.

Individual Email Log Page

And we’re not done yet! There is a bonus for you.

wpmailsmtp banner 02

Bonus: Increase conversion rate by resending wordpress emails

Do you know resending emails can drive 33% more conversions?

This feature is requested by most wordpress users.

In the recent update of the WP Mail SMTP plugin, they have included the feature to resend emails right from your wordpress email log section.

It allows you to resend the email to the original recipient or even you can forward it to someone else by changing the email address.

You can increase the conversion rate by

  • Resending an email to people who didn’t open it the first time.
  • Resending the email at a different time.
Resend Wordpress Email

Click Yes to resend.

Resend Wordpress Email Wpmailsmtp

You can also resend bulk wordpress emails (multiple emails) with a single click.

Resend Wordpress Email Bulk
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As I already said, you can track email rates and link clicks only in the premium version of the plugin, and it starts from 49$/year.

Are you having an eCommerce store and sends lots of emails to your customers?

Then, I would recommend you to buy this plugin.

For this price, it will be worth your money.

And they do offer 14 days money-back guarantee (100% Refund).

So, what are you still waiting for?

This plugin will actually solve your wordpress deliverability issues and offers features like,

  • Email Logging
  • Tracking of email open rates
  • Tracking of link clicks of an email
  • Resending wordpress email
  • Save email attachments
  • CSV, XLSX, EML reports
  • White gloves setup
  • Notifications management
  • Email reports
  • Bypasses your emails in aggressive spam filters
  • Network aggregated email log (useful for multisite users)
  • And more…

In addition, with this plugin installed on your wordpress website, your emails no more end up in your customer’s spam folder.

And more importantly, the WP Mail SMTP team constantly updating the plugin to current trends and also implementing the features that are most requested by customers.

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