The Latest GetResponse Website Builder Review: Worth or Not?

Still not running your business online 🤷‍♂️

Then, I’m sure

You are losing your valuable sales and customers.

Running a business online is important nowadays, During this pandemic situation, some stores began their journey online.

To show your presence worldwide.

Truly, you only need a website to get sales and traffic from all over the world.

Building a website without coding knowledge, three things will come to our mind.

They are

  • Web Hosting
  • Themes
  • Page builders

And for marketing purposes, you need email marketing tools,

  • To send your customers an email.
  • To perform automation.
  • To build lead funnels.
  • To generate more sales.

These are essential ones to succeed in your business online.

Here, GetResponse comes into play, you can manage everything in one place.

Recently, They introduced the GetResponse website builder, which comes with all plans, at no extra cost.

GetResponse is the one of best email marketing platforms in the market.

With GetResponse website builder, you don’t need to worry about web hosting, themes, plugins, or page builders anymore.

Everything is integrated into the GetResponse platform.

In this article, we are going to see the features, benefits and, pricing of the GetResponse website builder.

GetResponse Website Builder Review

It is an artificial intelligence powered drag and drop website builder to build a website from scratch, and also it comes with lots of ready-made templates to build your website in less than 15mins.

GetResponse developed this website builder by keeping in mind small business owners.

Because, they can’t manage websites, web hosting & marketing at different places, or lack of money to buy web hosting, themes, page builders, email marketing.

With GetResponse, email marketing tools, GetResponse website builder, web hosting, domain, ssl everything included in all plans of GetResponse, prices starting from 15$/month.

You don’t need to pay for web hosting, domain, ssl, website builder.

It’s all free.

So, don’t expect me to talk about the GetResponse email marketing tool or automation or webinars.

The Latest GetResponse Website Builder 2021: Worth or Not? 🤔#GetResponse #WebDevelopment


Let’s see the features of the GetResponse website builder.

AI-Driven Website Creator:

GetResponse website builder is powered by artificial intelligence. you need to give some pieces of information like what industry is your website about, goals…

Artificial intelligence will create an eye-catching website in a matter of minutes based on the pieces of information you provided.

You can also create your website with a drag and drop editor or with ready-made templates.

getresponse website builder features
Built-in Popups:

GetResponse website builder comes with built-in popups.

It can be added to your website easily to generate leads or to promote your products.

Popup will help you to increase your website conversion up to 10%.

Web push notification:

In simple terms, when a visitor enters your website, a prompt will appear, if your visitors subscribed to your website.

You can send web push notifications to them whenever you published a new blog or product.

In this way, you can generate sales and traffic.

Later in this article, I will show you how to create a website and integrate web push notifications on your website.

If you are in hurry, Click Here to jump to that section.

Live chat:

People who want to run a business online should have live chat integration on their website.

Why is this so much important?

Because when people entering your website, they will have lots of doubts on their mind.

They don’t purchase your products easily without clearing their doubts.

Think about it as a customer.

What will you do, if your doubts aren’t cleared?

You will leave the website, and buy from another website.

You shouldn’t push your customers into that situation.

Integrate Live Chat, speak with the customer, and help them to understand the products.

Some studies show that websites with live chat functionalities lead to a 40% increase in conversion

Signup forms:

With the signup form, you can create a newsletter signup form to collect your visitor’s or customer’s email and send them emails to promote your content.

While GetResponse is an email marketing service provider, things are made easier.

Ready-made templates:

Lots of ready-made templates are available to build your website in less than 15mins and you can easily customize it as you wish. 

Those templates are really attractive in design and available for different categories like affiliate marketing, education, personal websites, and more.

Analytics & Seo:

Analysis your website performance by tracking of no of visits, clicks, device location of your customers easily in the website dashboard itself.

Integrate external tools like google analytics to view more data.

With seo optimization tools, you can gain free traffic(organic traffic) to your website from google.

Creating A Website With GetResponse Website Builder:

With GetResponse website builder, you have three options to create your website.

  1. Using an Ai-driven tool to create a website.
  2. Creating a website from a blank template using drag and drop builder.
  3. Using Ready-made templates.

Let’s create a website.

Step 1: Creating an account in GetResponse

Follow this link, GetResponse Signup

It will take you to the homepage of GetResponse, and click signup for free by providing your email.

GetResponse offering a 30days free trial(no credit card required).

Step 2: Building a website

After it’s all done

In the dashboard, click the icon in the top left corner to expand and click website builder.

getresponse features

Then, Click Create website.

getresponse website builder dashboard

Choose the method to create a website from available options.

getresponse website builders

I have chosen ready-made templates, you will see lots of ready-made templates with different categories.

Choose a template for your website by clicking use template.

getresponse website builder templates

It will take you to the website editor.

Here, you can change color, fonts, add or remove elements.

getresponse website builder

Customize the Mobile view of the website also.

getresponse website builder 1

In the same way, you can edit the other pages of your website.

It’s super easy to create a website with the GetResponse website builder.

Step 3: Choosing a domain name

After you are done creating your website.

Now, it’s time to choose a domain name for your website.

Here, you have three options,

  1. Using the free domain of GetResponse.
  2. Connecting a domain that you own already.
  3. Buying a new domain.
getresponse free domain

After that, hit publish to start your business journey online.

In the website dashboard, you can view the performance of your website and the URL of your website.

getresponse website dashboard

In the bonus section, I will show you how to integrate web push notifications into your website

Bonus: Integrating a web push notification

Click the icon in the top left corner again and click web push notifications.

Click Add site to begin

getresponse web push notifications setup

Paste Your site URL → Upload Image→ Click add site and continue.

getresponse web push notifications setup 1

To connect it with your site, you need to paste the tracking code into the head of your website(See below image).

And you need to download and install the service worker file in the root directory of your website.

getresponse web push notifications setup 2

Then, click Finish to display the prompt on your website.


When looking at the benefits of the GetResponse website builder, one main thing that comes to my mind, that is

The complete solution to grow your business online,

From creating a website to promoting your website without leaving GetResponse.

It’s just awesome.

GetResponse covers everything for you.

And just look at the GetResponse integrations like web push notification, live chat, newsletter signup forms.

You no longer need to spend money on web hosting, domain, ssl, live chat, popups, when you are in GetResponse.

These all come free of cost in all plans of GetResponse.

getresponse website builder plans

GetResponse Pricing:

GetResponse plans are starting from 15$/month.

Don’t confuse yourself, GetResponse website builder is a free add-on that is included in all plans of GetResponse.

GetResponse Pricing

Just look at the other features of GetResponse like email marketing, auto-responder, automation.

GetResponse email marketing tools are really powerful.

Why worry, when you have a 30days free trial?

Just Sign-up for a free trial (no credit card required)

Play around with all the tools of GetResponse not only with the website builder.

You will be impressed with the tools for sure.

From the day of your signup, you have 30days to decide whether to buy GetResponse or not.

Wrap Up: GetResponse Website Builder Review

We have come to the end of this article, one thing I want to clarify here.

First, don’t think like this

Why do I need to spend 15$/month just for a website builder?

You aren’t paying 15$ for a website builder.

You are paying this money for email marketing tools that include email marketing, automation, autoresponders, webinars, and more.

Web hosting, website builder, domain, ssl, live chat are included free of cost.

If you are planning to build complex websites, then this website builder is not for you.

Suitable for small business website only.

But, you may look at other tools in GetResponse, those are the main thing, and it is one of the best email marketing tools in the market.

With GetResponse, you can 

  1. Build landing pages
  2. Create Lead Funnel
  3. Conduct webinars and more

Comment your thoughts on this website builder below.

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