GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing Tools: Is It Worth Or Not?

As your eCommerce business grows, managing marketing operations can become an overwhelming task. This is where eCommerce automation comes in to help your online store convert repetitive tasks into automated tasks to generate more sales and grow business.

There are lots of benefits of implementing eCommerce automation in your online store, such as increased engagement with customers, increases customer loyalty, boosted sales, saves time, reduced cart abandonment, and a lot more benefits.

GetResponse is one the best email marketing tool in the market, they just added an exciting feature to their marketing automation tool.

Let’s see how GetResponse’s eCommerce marketing tool is helpful for your business in brief. 


Let’s see the features of eCommerce marketing tools that  GetResponse offers you.

Advanced segmentation:

Sending personalized marketing emails to your customers which converts is a great way to take your marketing tactics to the next level.

By gathering data on your customers’ purchases, website behavior, and order history, then create segments with specific groups for them based on that information.

Quick transactional emails:

Transactional is an automated email sent to customers after they made a purchase on your online store, or abandoned a cart.  it usually includes information on the customer’s order, delivery rates or time, and other information related to the order.

It is must have and a great addition to any online store, Here, the GetResponse email creator helps to increase engagement with customers, keeps your customers updated about the order, and reminds customers about unfinished purchases to convert them into a 25% increase in sales.

Promo codes:

No one will regard the fact that promo codes play an important role in eCommerce growth, according to many surveys, promo codes increase customer loyalty, increase conversions, increase traffic to your online store, and enhances the brand.

With the GetResponse eCommerce marketing tool, you can synchronize promo codes from your favorite cms like platforms like woocommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, and magneto and seamlessly drag and drop them into newsletters, autoresponders, or automation messages.

It helps to boost your online store sales by offering promo codes to returning customers, converting cart abandonment to sales, and useful seasonal sales.

Product recommendations:

Upselling and cross-selling got products offer a lot of convenience and flexibility to customers and increase profit.

Simply drag and drop the product recommendation box into the emails, it is a powerful data-driven tool, thereafter, automation takes place, based on customer preference and their potential needs based on their recent purchases, and website behavior products will be shown to each receipt on the list.


Hook your website visitors by creating high converting popups with the GetResponse drag and drop editor without using a single code to increase site conversion rates and sales revenue.

You can specify a condition to when to trigger a popup like after website loading, after a delay, when the user intends to leave the website, or when the user clicked any buttons, images, or links.

Prebuilt automation templates:

No need to build popups, automation workflows, and landing pages, from scratch, use premade templates available in GetResponse to automate your work with ease to welcome new customers, recommend products, recover lost sales, and more.


Automate your online store by utilizing GetResponse’s emails with a 99% deliverability rate,  online web push notifications, SMS marketing, smart reporting, and pop-ups for complete multichannel customer engagement campaigns to boost sales growth.


Connecting your online store to GetResponse merely takes a single click (no coding experience required), and integration is extremely straightforward.

As of today, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, and Magneto are the four major CMS integrations that GetResponse supports.

Once GetResponse and your online store are connected, you can easily utilize its strong marketing tools like email marketing, web push notification, SMS marketing, and more.

Promote your items, increase sales, and create offers that are tailored to your customer’s needs by populating GetResponse with your product inventory and customer data.


GetResponse recently updated their pricing plan, they included a Free-forever plan which is requested by many people. It is very useful for small businesses if they are just starting their business.

In a free forever plan, you have access to a website builder, landing pages, unlimited newsletters, and sign-up forms with up to 500 contacts.

In the first 30 days of the free plan, you can try all features of GetResponse, thereafter you need to upgrade your plan to continue to use features like marketing automation tools, advanced segmentation, sales funnels, autoresponders, web push notifications, live chat, and more.

If you don’t want those features, you can continue with the free forever plan and kick off your business with the free tools offered by GetResponse.

GetResponse Pricing

Wrap up

Automation is crucial in today’s market to beat your hungry competitors and boost your sales, no matter how well your store is designed or how well your products are made. If you are not using any marketing automation tools, then it means you are losing your valuable sales. 

While GetResponse offers all tools in one place, it’s easy for you to manage everything, just try a free trial and explore all features and then you can decide whether GetReponse is essential for your business or not.

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