Flywheel Growth Suite: #1 Tool To Grow Your Business Faster

If you are the owner of an agency or freelancer, then you know that running and growing a business isn’t like a walk in the park.

Starting an agency nowadays has become an easy task.

But, the real task begins when growing your business.

For managing your clients, you might have hired different members for,

  • Managing client’s reports
  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Tracking revenue
  • Site management
  • etc…

Then, those members spend a lot of time in spreadsheets, creating reports, and sending them to clients. 

This is a time and money consuming process.

While technology is growing faster, we need to stay updated with it.

Clients are excepting works to be done fast and professionally.

To solve all your problems and help to grow your business faster, flywheel comes up with a product called flywheel growth suite.

The #1 all-in-solution for your growing your agency.

Let’s dig into everything about the flywheel growth suite.

Grow Your Business Faster With Flywheel Growth Suite

Flywheel built this product specifically for growing agencies and freelancers and made everything easier by bringing them under a single place.

I caught your mind’s voice, how can the growth suite help in your business growth?

Flywheel growth suite will help in the following ways,

  • Bill your clients on a recurring basis automatically.
  • High-speed and secured wordpress web hosting.
  • Gives professional experience to your clients
  • Increases brand visibility by white labeling.
  • Send agency-branded reports.
  • Manage all your websites in a single place.
  • Manage time and get more clients
  • And more…

With just one login, you can manage everything.

flywheel growth suite

In the upcoming sections, we will see the features of the growth suite, pros, cons, and pricing.

The #1 all-in-one solution for your growing agency, manage everything in a single place 🎯 #FlywheelGrowthSuite

Features and Benefits:

Let’s look at the features of the growth suite.

Outstanding dashboard:

The first thing that attracted me to the flywheel growth suite is their wonderful and well-designed dashboard.

Normally agencies spend lots of time and involve more members to send reports to clients, invoices, billing, etc…

Flywheel built a growth suite by keeping in mind agencies and freelancers.

 It helps them to grow their business instead of wasting time inputting data in spreadsheets.

They made everything easier for you.

You can manage resell wordpress hosting, site management, billing, invoices, payments, clients reports, everything in a single place.

flywheel growth suite dashboard
White labeling:

With the flywheel growth suite, you can white-label,

  • Temporary domains
  • Client email
  • Client reports

Emails and reports that are sent to your clients will be branded with your agency logo, clients portal also.

So, what’s the use of white labeling,

White labeling increases brand awareness and trust.

Getting paid: Invoicing

Requesting payment from your clients is the most important process.

Here, you need to send proper templates. 

In the growth suite, you can send proper invoices to your clients in less than 2mins.

Request payments from your clients in one-time service or recurring.

flywheel growth suite invoice
Resell managed wordPress hosting:

Recurring incomes are always a great way to earn extra money.

Here, in the flywheel growth suite, you have the option to resell flywheel’s managed wordpress hosting to your clients to earn more monthly recurring revenues.

flywheel growth suite resell managed wordpress hosting
Client reports:

No need to send reports to your clients manually anymore, you can easily create, customize and schedule reports with the flywheel growth suite.

These reports are auto-generated with your agency branding and delivered to your clients on a recurring basis.

Send detailed reports to your clients that include site performance updates, backup logs, usage stats, and google analytics data.

You have an option to schedule the reports and save them as a template to use again.

flywheel growth suite client reports
Client management:

Managing clients is the biggest task for agencies and freelancers.

Here, in the growth suite, you can manage all of your clients in a single place.

Just start with inputting your client information like contact information, email…

After that, you can add a site for your clients, create subscriptions, and billing your clients quickly and easily.

flywheel growth suite client management
Bulk site management:

The place where you can ultimately manage and gather information about all of your websites that are hosted in the flywheel growth suite.

You can see the stats of wordpress version,php version,ssl, storage, website visits, plugins installed, and more.

flywheel growth suite bulk site management
Client portal:

The client portal allows your clients to make payments for the services you have done and they can access their wordpress admin.

Your clients can also,

  • View their billings
  • View subscription info
  • Contact you for support issues
  • Change payment methods

In the clients portal, payments made by your clients are fully integrated with stripe.

Your clients can securely make payments to you with trust.

Powerful hosting:

Make websites that are super powerful with flywheel managed wordpress hosting.

Let your clients experience better site performance.

With flywheel hosting, you will get,

  • Secured website
  • Lightning-fast website
  • Workflow tools to grow your business
  • Powerful CDN
  • Daily night backups
  • FlyCache

Getting started with Flywheel Growth Suite:

First things first, to get started with the flywheel growth suite.

Login into flywheel account and fill up some information like company name, logo, contact details.

Make an account in stripe and connect it with the growth suite.


Once you complete the setup, you will see the dashboard.

We have already seen the features of the dashboard in the features and benefits section.

Here Click,

New site → To create a new website

Create invoice → To create an invoice to send to your clients.

Add client → To add clients

flywheel growth suite dashboard 1
Creating your services:

It’s time to create services that you want to offer to your valuable clients.

Creating a service in the growth suite is super easy.

Click the new service, and name your service like seo, blog posts, web development, hosting.

flywheel growth suite services

Now, you need to choose the currency and create tiers for your services to complete the service setup.

Name your tier and write some description so that your client will easily understand the service you offer.

flywheel growth suite customize service details
Sending reports to your clients:

Navigate to clients→ Reports → Create a new report

Choose a template or create a report from scratch.

flywheel growth suite client reports1

As I already said, you can even save a report as a template and use it again. 

Customize the look of your client report by choosing a cover style, adding your brand logo and color.

flywheel growth suite client reports 2

Preview your report on the right side of the page.

Enable google analytics add-on to send detailed reports to your clients about website visits, users, average time on site, bounce rate.

And the final step is to preview and schedule your report

Create and send invoices to your clients:

Now, you have created your service and client reports, it’s time to get paid for your services from your clients.

You can send invoices to your clients in just 4 steps.

Choose the client you want to send an invoice to.

Attach your client’s website.

Click next step

flywheel growth suite invoice 1

In the billing information tab, choose a billing cycle and currency to go to the next step.

Here, name your invoice and set up your service.

You can offer some discounts to your clients if you wish.

Then review the invoice and send it.

Flywheel Growth Suite pricing:

Flywheel growth suite offers three types of plans to choose from.

  • Freelance: 135$/month – Best suitable for freelancers
  • Agency: 330$/month – Best suitable for agencies
  • Custom: contact them for personalized plans
flywheel growth suite pricing

They frequently offer some discounts like,“when you purchase an annual plan you will get 3months for free”

The main differences between these plans are sites(no. of websites), bandwidth, and storage.

If you need an additional site, you can purchase it at 20$/month/site.

And one thing, I forgot to tell you, you can try flywheel managed wordpress hosting for free for 14days without paying any money.

Just signup for flywheel → create new site → Experience powerful hosting for next 14days 

Also, no credit card is required.

Pros and Cons:


Overall Rating:
Grow Your Business Faster With Flywheel Growth Suite

Flywheel Growth Suite will help you to manage time and money. when your business starts to grow, you need to accelerate it without making any loose ends. moreover, your websites will be secured and load fast with flywheel hosting.

Price: From 135$/month

Editor's Rating:

So far we have seen almost every important feature, positive and negatives, pricing of flywheel growth suite.

The only thing that disappointed me is (no. of sites is low).

Freelancer plan – 10sites

Agency plan – 30sites

For some people, maybe this will be enough sites.

With flywheel hosting, you will get better site performance.

Flywheel has made videos explaining every feature of the growth suite.

But, one thing is sure, they delivered a great and valuable product to society.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article.

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