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Client Reporting is a way to show clients the progress of their project. Client reporting is an important part of the client-agency relationship, even for client-freelancers relationship. It provides transparency for both parties and helps to keep projects on track.

It is a way for the agency to show clients how they are progressing on their project, and give clients a voice in the development process.

In addition, it is an opportunity for agencies to show off their work and get feedback from potential clients.

Client feedback is an essential part of the client reporting process. Feedback can be in the form of a meeting, phone call, or email. The client can provide feedback on what they think about their website design, content writing, or any other aspect of the project that they are not satisfied with.

Usually, agencies or freelancers send reports to clients in the form of pdf, ppt, emails, etc, but, the thing is Client reporting becomes tricky when your agencies start to grow, more than just time-consuming. It takes lots of time, and this time could be better spent on other tasks.

Having a clear understanding of your client’s needs is the key to success, but it can be time-consuming. With this in mind, many agencies or freelancers are turning to functionalities or Softwares that allow them to create and send branded reports automatically to their clients with ease.

So, what we are going to see in this article is Flywheel Growth Suite’s one of the features, Client Reporting which is made especially for agencies and freelancers to create and send branded client reports seamlessly!

Client Reporting Made Easy With Flywheel Growth Suite

Client reporting is a way of formally and regularly communicating with clients about their business. This process helps the company to ensure that the clients are satisfied with what they are getting and helps them to understand their needs better.

There are many benefits of having proactive client reporting. It is easy for the business to get feedback from the client on how they perceive the service provided by them. This can also help in identifying any areas where there is a need for improvement or change, which can be done accordingly.

The agencies also have an opportunity to showcase their work and achievements, which can lead to more clients in the future and an increase in revenue as well as profits in the long run.

flywheel growth suite client reports

What are the benefits of using the flywheel growth suite’s client reporting?

Client reporting is a valuable asset to any business. It allows companies to stay focused on their goals, measure progress, and improve over time. Reporting can be done at any time, but should generally be conducted monthly or quarterly.

Let’s see “How Flywheel Growth Suite Can Help with Generating Client Reports Efficiently and benefits of using it”.

5 Benefits of flywheel growth suite’s client reporting:

Saves lots of time:

Client reporting is not an easy process and one of the most time-consuming parts for agencies, It takes time to produce reports that are complete, accurate, and easy to read.

This often requires making tough decisions on what information should be included and what shouldn’t be included in order to meet deadlines and stay within budget.

So, Client reporting has never been easier for agencies!

But, with Flywheel Growth Suite, Client Reporting is not a hard process for agencies or freelancers anymore.

It will help you to create and send branded reports automatically to your clients in an easy and intuitive way and cut down lots of time.

Build relationship and trust with clients:

Client reporting is an essential tool for any business. It provides transparency on how your team is performing so you can monitor their progress and understand the needs of your customers. It also helps build a relationship with clients, as they feel involved in the process.

The best practice is to be transparent and show your work for the client to judge. It will help them understand what you are doing for them and build trust in the process.

Educate your clients:

As the development team, we are the ones who understand the client’s requirements, their vision, and the project goals.

However, it is the client who is paying the bills.

Understanding their vision and goals is essential because, if we don’t have a mutual understanding, then we won’t be able to present our work with ease, and they may not be able to use the website or any product as effectively.

This can lead to a lot of disagreements and problems in the long term, especially if the client is not a developer or designer and has little to no understanding of the technical side of things. This is where client reporting comes in.

It is a great way to educate the client. With this, you can also show them what you are able to do and what you are not.

Client Reporting is a must for every agency. It is a great way to educate your client on what you have done for them and what the next steps are.

Branded reports that attract clients:

There are many ways to create a report. The most important thing is to make it useful for your client, so this could mean a variety of different things depending on the project. 

As I already said, creating client reports is a time-consuming process, but here, the Flywheel Growth Suite will help you create a client report that they will appreciate.

You can create branded reports with your agency logo with a cool design and layout at no time that actually attracts clients and also it can be scheduled to your clients.

Enhance The Reports With KPIs:

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is a way to measure business performance and to control business processes.

The key purpose of KPI is to bring clarity and transparency to your business. It helps you to see things that are going well and things that need improvement. The most important KPI is the one that directly affects the client’s success. 

Clients love KPIs. KPI is very important in Client reporting. In fact, it’s the first thing that you need to show your client after you’ve completed the project.

The reason for this is that the Client is not interested in a bunch of pretty designs, photos, prototypes, and videos. They are interested in your performance.

And this is what you need to report to them. While the Flywheel Growth Suite is integrated with google analytics, you can send the data like returning visitors, new users, conversion rate, organic traffic, and more, exactly the data they want.

How to prepare a client report with a flywheel growth suite?

Creating a client report in the flywheel growth suite is super easy!

To create a new client report, click the Clients’ tab in the main menu, then navigate to the Reports tab.

Then, you will be able to customize the report the way you want, use your agency logo and color to look more professional.

Define the report contents and include the data you want WP core updates, theme updates, plugin updates, Backups, Security, Site Optimization, and google analytics data ( it requires add-on).

Finally, you can preview and schedule the report, you have the option to save the report as a template for future use.

For a detailed step-by-step tutorial on creating a report on the growth suite, visit their blog post.

Take a look at the below image carousel to sneak peek at client reports!

Conclusion: The way forward for growing your businesses 💸

Your clients are looking to your company to produce the best in terms of service, product, and customer experience.

Understanding this, it becomes crucial that you have a reliable way in which you’re able to measure your performance against their expectations.

The only way that this can be done is through client reporting.

Flywheel Growth Suite’s Client reporting can help to grow your business by providing you with the data, google analytics integration, site performance updates, and other important things that you need to improve your agency.

With the help of this flywheel growth suite, you can see what’s working and what’s not, which might make it easier for you to make informed decisions about where to focus.

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